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The exRNA Atlas is the data repository of the Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium (ERCC), which includes small RNA sequencing and RT-qPCR-derived exRNA profiles from human and mouse biofluids. All RNA-seq datasets are processed using version 4 of the exceRpt small RNA-seq pipeline and ERCC-developed quality metrics are uniformly applied to these datasets. If you're interested in submitting your RNA-seq or qPCR data to the Atlas, view our Submission Guide.

Above, in the upper right corner of this panel, you can use the ncRNA search bar to search the exRNA Atlas data for specific ncRNAs of interest. If your browser window is smaller, you will need to click the "hamburger" options icon to reveal the ncRNA search bar.

Getting Started
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Select, view and download Atlas data by clicking one or more slices from one or more charts. Then, click the Search icon in the floating menubar to apply filters and view the results (grid opens in a new tab). Click the SelectAll icon to select all slices from all charts (i.e., all exRNA profiles in the Atlas) or click the DeselectAll icon to clear selections. Please note that the size of each slice (representing a profile count) has been log-transformed.
Dataset Submissions
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* QC standards for saliva are under revision.


New Samples
Past 3 Months: 129
Past 6 Months: 3,371
Past Year: 3,869
Total: 5,438
New Reads (Billions)
Past 3 Months: 2.22
Past 6 Months: 4.71
Past Year: 9.98
Total: 25.66
New Datasets
Past 3 Months: 2
Past 6 Months: 6
Past Year: 8
Total: 22
New Conditions
Past 3 Months: 2
Past 6 Months: 4
Past Year: 5
Total: 25
  • v4.10.0 Atlas released - 129 new exRNA profiles!. (2018-01-23)
  • v4.9.0 Atlas released - 3242 new exRNA profiles (over 5000 profiles in total!). (2017-10-20)
  • v4.8.0 Atlas released - New ncRNA Search Bar. (2017-08-17)
  • v4.7.0 Atlas released - Visual overhaul of Atlas. (2017-06-13)
  • v4.6.5 Atlas released - Revamped metadata submission and more. (2017-05-25)
  • More...