• (2017-08-17)
    New ncRNA Search Bar
    We've added a new ncRNA search bar that will allow you to query for specific ncRNAs in the Atlas data! Select a ncRNA library (miRNAs, tRNAs, or piRNAs) and a database (Atlas Census), type your ncRNAs of interest, and then click the magnifying glass (or hit enter) to search for those ncRNAs in the selected database. We will be adding more options soon! You can find the ncRNA search bar at the top of the Atlas homepage. You can also always access the search bar by clicking on the Select Profiles menu in the Atlas header and then selecting the ncRNA Search Bar option. See more details about this update on the Atlas Version History page.
  • (2017-06-13)
    Visual overhaul of Atlas
    We updated the Atlas so that it's more visually appealing! We also fixed some bugs and added helpful information to the Datasets page and Analyses page. See more details about this update on the Atlas Version History page.
  • (2017-05-25)
    Revamped metadata submission and more
    Processing pipeline revamped to make metadata submission easier (one file per metadata type, better error reporting). We also improved data processing times for samples processed through exceRpt! See more details about this update on the Atlas Version History page.
  • (2017-05-11)
    498 new exRNA profiles (over 2000 profiles in total!)
    New profiles (including exogenous rRNA and genomic mapping data) have been added for 498 RNA-Seq samples. This update brings the Atlas to 2067 exRNA profiles. See more details about this update on the Atlas Version History page.
  • (2017-03-18)
    v4.5 Atlas released - exogenous data, new tools, and more
    Exogenous rRNA and genomic mapping data has been added for all RNA-seq profiles. New dimensionality reduction tool has been added to the Atlas. BioGPS integration for datasets has been added to the Datasets page. Support for Pathway Finder via WikiPathways has been added for differential expression (DESeq2) results. One new profile has been added for the "UH2 40 Samples Seq" dataset and for the "Oct2015_ExRNA" dataset. Datasets page has been reworked.
  • (2016-10-25)
    v4 Atlas released (over 1000 samples!)
    The v4 Atlas has been released and now stores over 1000 RNA-seq samples! 623 new RNA-seq profiles were added to the Atlas, and vast majority of v3 Atlas RNA-seq samples were reprocessed with the newest version of exceRpt. Exogenous genomic mapping data coming soon for all RNA-seq profiles!
  • (2016-07-07)
    New data added: 99 exRNA profiles - First qPCR dataset
    First qPCR dataset in the exRNA Atlas released. 99 exRNA profiles from the lab of Julie Saugstad was added to the Atlas. The qPCR array data is from CSF-derived RNA from individuals suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.
  • (2016-04-06)
    New data added: 40 exRNA profiles
    40 new exRNA profiles from the lab of Jane Freedman was added to the Atlas. The sequencing data is from plasma-derived RNA from 40 individuals involved in the Framingham Heart Study. Pubmed.
  • (2016-03-03)
    Public FTP data download
    Launched public FTP site for data downloads. Issues with data downloads were also fixed and large sequencing datasets and result files can be downloaded reliably.
  • (2016-03-01)
    New data added: 192 exRNA profiles
    Added 192 exRNA profiles from the labs of Tushar Patel (Mayo Clinic) and Liang Wang (University of Wisconsin). This includes plasma extracellular RNA profiles in healthy and cancer patients. Pubmed.
  • (2016-01-11)
    Public launch of exRNA Atlas
    Launched exRNA Atlas with 519 exRNA profiles from various biofluids and health conditions. The data is processed uniformly using the exceRpt small RNA-seq pipeline and uniform data quality metrics have been applied on all datasets.